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Coinvest nevers charges you any fee.

Withdrawals are instant.please make sure your details are correct.

All profits are calculated in Bitcoin, which means coinvest's objective is to increase your Bitcoin holdings.

All profit gets split into the ratio of 2:8 which means the fund takes 20% and the investor (you) take 80%. If your account was created using a referral code 10% of total profits will be credited to your referred account. You will not be charged as this gets deducted from the coinvest 20% and the remainder goes to us. On the other hand a loss would be bared on your account. The profits and/or losses is updated on your account every 24 Hours.

Copy your referral link and share it with your friends, once they create an account and invest, 10% of all the profits realised by them will go directly to your account. Please note the referral system is only 1 level down. This is to prevent misuse of it.

Minimum investment on the website is €20, however if you are visiting an coinvest Brokers office the minimum investment amount will be 1 BTC+. Due to the increased demand of appointments, only larger clients are handled.